The Worlds of Android

I can't wait for this book to come out, it's going to be amazing. The Worlds of Android is a big, beautiful book detailing the futuristic setting of Android, the board game, and Netrunner, the card game.
For a preview, look here!

Fly Casual

Another Star Wars RPG title, Fly Casual is a Sourcebook for Smugglers. Again, great fun to write alongside other writers, and this time my content included some fiction!

Far Horizons

My first job as a freelancer involved writing some content for Far Horizons: a Sourcebook for Colonists. This is a supplement for the Star Wars Edge of the Empire RPG, published by Fantasy Flight Games. My wordcount was modest, and I didn't get to write any fiction, but it was fantastic to work alongside other writers, and get paid to research Star Wars!