The Elemental Cycle

Coming on the 28th of June, the first of the Elemental Cycle card packs. Read about Breath of the Kami here.

Knights of Fate

Finally announced, Knights of Fate, a sourcebook for Jedi Warriors! Due out on the 21st of June.

The Specters of War

I've a new L5R story up on the Fantasy Flight Games website. Download The Specters of War here!
The picture here is the city of Toshi Ranbo, which is visited in my story. I just love the artwork...

Wildcats and Dragon Teeth

I've a story up on the Fantasy Flight Games website, set in the Legend of the Five Rings. Download Wildcats and Dragon Teeth here.

The Contract

I've a new fantasy story, The Contract, published this month. It's in the British Fantasy Society July bulletin, sent out to members.


My sci-fi short story Dawn was shortlisted for the Aeon Award.

Exodus out now!

Available as an e-book or a limited edition hardback, Exodus is out now! Set in the Android universe, in a not so distant future where clones live to serve humanity...

Purchase on Amazon UK here, or Amazon US here.

Nanowrimo 2016

I wrote the necessary 50k words for Nanowrimo, finished the draft between other projects, and now have a new young adult fantasy novel to edit/rewrite/butcher in my spare time...

The Investigators of Arkham

Out now! A book of stories based in the Arkham universe, from Fantasy Flight Games. Read more about it here.

I didn't sleep much while working on my contribution to this project, I was convinced there was something living in the walls...


Now published as part of the England's Future History project, the new improved version of Afterlife is available in a compilation here!

The Worlds of Android

Out now! The Worlds of Android is a big, beautiful book detailing the futuristic setting of Android, the board game, and Netrunner, the card game.
So glad to have been a part of this.
For a preview, look here!

Fly Casual

I've contributed to another Star Wars RPG title. Fly Casual: A Sourcebook for Smugglers is out now.

Far Horizons

My first job as a freelancer involved writing some content for Far Horizons: a Sourcebook for Colonists. This is a supplement for the Star Wars Edge of the Empire RPG, published by Fantasy Flight Games.