War for the Throne

The Twilight Imperium Genesys RPG adventure War for the Throne is out now! I loved working on this, it's such a fun setting. Available as a hardback, or can be ordered as a digital copy here.


I've a short story appearing in a new Arachne Press anthology, Byways, due for publication in March 2024.

Tickets for the online launch, 7pm on the 20th March, can be purchased (free) from here.

The Snowstorm

My short story The Snowstorm is up on the Litro website.

Dungeons & Dragons

So I was brave and took part in a live lit jam. I couldn't resist, given the theme. I chose the prompt of The Commoner.

The Hunt


My story The Hunt is up on the Litro Magazine website.

26 Plants

I'm working as one of the writers on a new 26 project, 26 Plants, in association with the Wildlife Trusts. I was (randomly) assigned Alpine Lady Fern.


My story Miniatures appears in Issue 16 of BFS Horizons. You can get it for the Kindle here or as a paperback here.

Imperium Maledictum

I've done some work for the upcoming Imperium Maledictum starter set. This is the first time I've had the opportunity to work in Warhammer's grimdark 40k setting.

26 Places in Cornwall

I worked as one of the editors on the 26 Places in Cornwall project, which gave me the chance to work with some amazing writers. I wasn't able to visit Cornwall during the project, but certainly learnt a lot!

The World of Earthborne


I'm proud to have worked on The World of Earthborne. Available as a kickstarter exclusive, this book contains art and lore from the upcoming Earthborne Rangers game.

Earthborne Rangers is a sustainably-made game set in an exciting, optimistic future. I'm glad to have been involved, and hope this game shows others the way...

Crowd Demons


My story Crowd Demons appears in the latest issue of Luna Station Quarterly. Read the story free online, or read a brief interview about Crowd Demons here.

To support the magazine, digital copies can be purchased direct here, or purchase the Amazon UK print edition here.

The Last Act

My short story The Last Act appears in the latest edition of Shooter Literary Magazine. I wrote this story for the theme: Dark Arts.

The Faces


My story The Faces is up on the Every Day Fiction site. They publish a short story every day, each one 1000 words or less so they're quick reads.



I took part in Visual Verse this month. They post a picture up on the first of the month, and the idea is you give yourself an hour to write something inspired by the image. I love exercises like this, because I never know what's going to come out! This month, my story is Reorganisation.

Legacies of War

The free download of the L5R supplemental content Legacies of War is available here.

An Impossible Task


A first for me, An Impossible Task is interactive fiction. A Legend of the Five Rings story, which allows the reader to make choices that determine the outcome.

Fields of Victory & Blood of the Lioness

The Lion Clan supplement and adventure for the Legend of the Five Rings have been announced. Read about Fields of Victory and Blood of the Lioness here.

The Loophole

I wrote The Loophole in response to the theme of this Mslexia issue: Other Worlds. It's an inspiring theme, and I'm very, very happy my story was selected for inclusion in Issue 86. Subscribers can read it here.

The Empress

The Empress
 was beautifully read by Claire Lacey as part of the Mystery & Suspense lockdown literature event. This was my third Liars' League story. The text and podcast are available here.

Wheel of Judgment

Wheel of Judgment, an adventure for the Legend of the Five Rings RPG has been announced, and should be released this summer. This is an adventure for deceased PCs!

We Strike First

I've a new story up on the Fantasy Flight Games website: We Strike First, an L5R short story introducing the Hare clan. I say introducing, but some players will be familiar with (and possibly loyal to) the Hare of the old lore... so I hope they approve of the new Hare!

The Sugar Merchant

The Sugar Merchant was read at the Liars' League London event in December. It was quite the event, fully booked and festive. Here's the video of Paul Clarke bringing the story to life.

Liars League October 2019

I usually only allow myself one post for any one story, but I'd never been to a Liars' League event before and it was worth talking about! In the basement of a busy pub off Cavendish Square in London, everyone crammed in to listen to an eclectic mix of stories, read by six very talented actors. The atmosphere was magical, even slightly rebellious. The audience listened, laughed, and drank, and I for one felt like a student again! Writing isn't always this fun, or social, and what an indulgence to hear your words read live! Josie Charles was the perfect reader for my story, and the video doesn't do her justice, which makes me think: for the Liars' League, you really have to be there... so go! They run events every month, apparently in New York and Hong Kong as well as London. If you write, check out their themes here and submit!

Wind Through Falling Leaves

I've a new Legend of the Five Rings story up, available as a free download from the Fantasy Flight Games website here.

An Odd Fish

My story An Odd Fish was performed at the Liars' League London event in October. The theme of the night was Toil & Trouble. Here's the video of my story being read by talented actress Josie Charles!

Sins of Regret

I love the cover of the new L5R RPG adventure, Sins of Regret. These characters really came alive for me while writing, and now here they are, gorgeously depicted and ready for players to interact with them!
I also wrote some supplemental encounters for this adventure, available to download here.

Path of Waves

Path of Waves was announced today! This is a new sourcebook for L5R RPG, focusing on exploring the Emerald Empire (and beyond) as a r┼Źnin PC.

By the Stroke of a Brush

A new story set in the Legend of the Five Rings is available for free download from the Fantasy Flight Games website here!

The Puppet King

Just for a bit of fun, I wrote The Puppet King, a 100 word story for FridayFlashFiction.com.

Origins Awards

Emerald Empire has been nominated for the Role-Playing Supplement category of the Origins Awards!

The Knotted Tails

Having been lucky enough to write about the Nezumi in Shadowlands, FFG also contracted me to write a Nezumi-focused adventure supplement for the Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game. I had a lot of fun working on The Knotted Tails, which is available now as a free download. This supplement is designed to be played as an optional part of the Shadowlands-based Mask of the Oni adventure.

Collapse of the Republic

A new Star Wars RPG book has been announced, Collapse of the Republic! My research for this included watching the Clone Wars animated series, which I'm glad to hear is rumoured to return by the end of the year...


Just announced, Shadowlands is a new sourcebook for the Legend of the Five Rings RPG. I'm looking forward to getting my contributor copy in the new year!

Shadow of the Beanstalk

I was very excited to be able to revisit the Android universe and contribute to this sourcebook for the Genesys Roleplaying system. It's a really rich setting, and fully deserves the attention! If the cover is anything to go buy, it's going to be another beautiful book from Fantasy Flight. Can't wait to read it.

Emerald Empire

Just announced, Emerald Empire, a sourcebook for the Legend of the Five Rings roleplay game!

A Swift End

My L5R story A Swift End appears in the last card pack of the Elemental Cycle, Elements Unbound.

The Silence

My fantasy short story, The Silence, was published in the British Fantasy Society bulletin. The idea for this story occurred to me years ago, but I only recently figured out how I wanted to tell it.

Knights of Fate

Out now, Knights of Fate, a sourcebook for Jedi Warriors! Great fun to work on - who wouldn't want to channel their inner Jedi?

The Specters of War

I've a new L5R story up on the Fantasy Flight Games website. Download The Specters of War here!
The picture here is the city of Toshi Ranbo, which is visited in my story. I just love the artwork...

Wildcats and Dragon Teeth

I've a story up on the Fantasy Flight Games website, set in the Legend of the Five Rings. Download Wildcats and Dragon Teeth here.

The Contract

My fantasy story, The Contract, was published in the British Fantasy Society bulletin.


My sci-fi short story Dawn was shortlisted for the Aeon Award.


A novella available as an e-book or a limited edition hardback, Exodus is out now! Set in the Android universe, in a not so distant future where clones live to serve humanity...

Update 2022: Exodus is now out of print, but may still be available as an ebook here.

Nanowrimo 2016

I wrote the necessary 50k words for Nanowrimo, finished the draft between other projects, and now have a new young adult fantasy to edit/rewrite/butcher in my spare time...

The Investigators of Arkham

Out now! A book of stories based in the Arkham universe, from Fantasy Flight Games. Read more about it here.

I didn't sleep much while working on my contribution to this project, I was convinced there was something living in the walls...


Now published as part of the England's Future History project, the new improved version of Afterlife is available in a compilation here!

The Worlds of Android

Out now! The Worlds of Android is a big, beautiful book detailing the futuristic setting of Android, the board game, and Netrunner, the card game.
So glad to have been a part of this.
For a preview, look here!

Fly Casual

I've contributed to another Star Wars RPG title. Fly Casual: A Sourcebook for Smugglers is out now.

Far Horizons

My first job as a freelancer involved writing some content for Far Horizons: a Sourcebook for Colonists. This is a supplement for the Star Wars Edge of the Empire RPG, published by Fantasy Flight Games.

Brambles and Thorns

I wrote this novella for NaNoWriMo in 2008. It made it through to the quarter finals of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award in 2010. In 2012 it was published by Gypsy Shadow Publishing. It was a 'category finalist' of the Eric Hoffer Awards in 2013.

In 2018 I asked Gypsy Shadow to take it down - having reread it and realised there were huge problems with it. I guess I just didn't see them all those years ago!

I still hope to rework it at some point, but it will have to wait as I'm busy with other projects.

Holly and Ivy

I originally wrote this short story for a Gypsy Shadow Christmas anthology that never happened, but they published it as a stand-alone e-book. It was reviewed by Coffee Time Romance, and given 4/5 cups.

In 2018 I asked Gypsy Shadow to take it down, having decided it just doesn't fit with my other work.

Destroyer of Men

My short story Destroyer of Men was accepted for an anthology called Witch's Brew by Wicked East Press. Unfortunately the press then - well, ceased to be, before publication. So if anyone wants a witchy short story, I have an unpublished one right here...

The River

My short story The River is now available to read in issue 7 of Luna Station Quarterly.