An Impossible Task


A first for me, An Impossible Task is interactive fiction. A Legend of the Five Rings story, which allows the reader to make choices that determine the outcome.

Fields of Victory & Blood of the Lioness

The Lion Clan supplement and adventure for the Legend of the Five Rings have been announced. Read about Fields of Victory and Blood of the Lioness here.

The Loophole

I wrote The Loophole in response to the theme of this Mslexia issue: Other Worlds. It's an inspiring theme, and I'm very, very happy my story was selected for inclusion in Issue 86. The intro to the stories read here or my story here.

The Empress

The Empress was beautifully read by Claire Lacey as part of the Mystery & Suspense lockdown literature event. This was my third Liars' League story, reworked for the theme. The text and podcast are available here, or the youtube video here.
If you want to submit a story to Liars' League, upcoming themes are posted here.

Wheel of Judgment

Wheel of Judgment, an adventure for the Legend of the Five Rings RPG has been announced, and should be released this summer. This is an adventure for deceased PCs!

We Strike First

I've a new story up on the Fantasy Flight Games website: We Strike First, an L5R short story introducing the Hare clan. I say introducing, but some players will be familiar with (and possibly loyal to) the Hare of the old lore... so I hope they approve of the new Hare!

The Sugar Merchant

The Sugar Merchant was selected for the Liars' League London event on the 3rd of December. I wrote this one for the theme, because I had fun last time and wanted to go again. It was quite the event - fully booked and festive. The themes for next year will be on the website in January, keep an eye on this page and have a go!
Here's the video of my story being read by Paul Clarke, who really brought it to life...

Liars League October 2019

I usually only allow myself one post for any one story, but I'd never been to a Liars' League event before and it was worth talking about! In the basement of a busy pub off Cavendish Square in London, everyone crammed in to listen to an eclectic mix of stories, read by six very talented actors. The atmosphere was magical, even slightly rebellious. The audience listened, laughed, and drank, and I for one felt like a student again! Writing isn't always this fun, or social, and what an indulgence to hear your words read live! Josie Charles was the perfect reader for my story, and the video doesn't do her justice, which makes me think: for the Liars' League, you really have to be there... so go! They run events every month, apparently in New York and Hong Kong as well as London. If you write, check out their themes here and submit!